School Campus Technology Solutions

School Campus Networks are more than just simple internet access for kids.  Up front Internet Intrusion and Prevention, content filtering, and Malware detection are a must have.  Resource Officers and Staff need access to devices on the network like Security Cameras, Door Access, and Visitor Management Sytems.  How about Communications via VoIP phones and B.Y.O.D.  We can design and provide any of these elements to help keep your campus running smoothly.

Structured Cabling

The backbone of all network connectivity starts with the LAN Copper Wiring and/or Fiber Optic risers.

Smart Switching

Meraki Network Switches and Meraki Wireless Access Points bring your campus to life. Teachers workstations, kids tablets, phones, security cameras all need dependable network access.

School Visitor Management System

Who's on your campus? All visitors should be screened instantly against the National Sex Offenders Registry. A quick scan of a Driver License by one of our professionally installed Kiosk's provides instant check and log of your visitors.

Door Access Control

Schools have off-limit areas that need to be protected from children or intruders.  Our cloud based system is great for campus environments with many buildings and doors.

Security Cameras

Network based cameras allow for remote viewing from any adminstrative or resource officer workstation or device.  High Definition Video recording and incident play back when you need it. 

Voice Communications

Administrative Phones, Door Call Boxes, Classroom Phones throughout campus.


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