AVAYA IP500 IP-PBX On Premise System

The AVAYA IP Office phone system moves you from being just connected to being truly productive, with tools that let your people take an active role in creating value, delighting customers and engaging colleagues in interactions that deliver meaningful results.

Avaya IP Office - IP500 IP-PBX Onsite Phone System

The AVAYA IP500 is a Great Choice if you prefer to purchase your technology outright and don't wish to have ongoing monthly payments. Powerful features make voice calls a snap.  Stay in touch wherever you are.  The Avaya IP Office can start out economically priced with as few as 6 phones and grow to a few thousand.  Learn more with the IP Office Brochure...

AVAYA J-139 VoIP Phone

The Avaya J-139 is a great Designed for users that make a low number of calls and need a minimal feature set.

AVAYA J-169 VoIP Phone

The Avaya J-169 provides the full range of Unified Communications features.  This work-horse phone is the most widely deployed set.

AVAYA J-179 VoIP Phone

The Avaya J-179 provides the full range of Unified Communications features for the busy executive. Optional Bluetooth & Wifi card.

AVAYA B-179 Conference Room

The Avaya B-179 is great for mid to large confernce rooms.  A great fit with High Definition microphones and speaker.


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