Security Cameras

Our solutions include Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4k Network Cameras with Intelligent Analytics Network Video Recorders.  Our Dark-Fighter technology provides amazing color in near darkness.  We can capture license plates, provide facial recognition, or track moving people.  In the unlikely event that something goes awry, we have it documented on video. 

HikVision - Global Leader in Security Camera Solutions

The Smart Pro IP solutions are an ideal option for professional applications, as they bring intelligence, efficiency, and convenience to video surveillance. The DarkFighter and LightFighter IP cameras provide outstanding image quality in challenging lighting environments. Camera styles vary from indoor and outdoor domes, bullets, turrets, covert, fisheye models, and various PTZ options. Key features include high resolution up to 12 MR 180 panoramic viewing, smart analytics, and H.264+ compression. With so many options, the Smart Pro Series can easily meet the high performance and storage requirements of enterprise projects. Value Plus Series and Value Series featuring its latest compression technology: H.265+ This advanced compression captures surveillance video using a decreased bitrate, reducing bandwidth requirements and storage costs. Hikvision's H.265+ is a truly optimized encoding technology.  Learn more with Hikvision 2019 Catalog...

Watch Hikvision Dark-Fighter-X in action.  Capture color video in low light.

LTS Security Solutions

LTS video solutions can help increase safety within’ any size facility. With large infrastructures, they require critical planning to ensure all angles are covered. With LTS, you can efficiently monitor with network solutions that brings many advantages to the premises. Enhance security measures openly, through our integrated platforms that is secure, or central management systems. Even with scalable solutions, remote monitoring is extremely essential when it comes to coming up with a future proof, scalable, and easy to install solution. Ensuring the safety of commercial areas like offices, high rises, buildings, and plazas are often a major concern of property managers. LTS offers end to end, and open solutions to help you work with your current infrastructure, and meet requirements. Get the clarity you need to monitor, access data, keep your employees and assets safe, while keeping intruders out with LTS video solutions. Learn more about LTS PTZ Cameras...

Take a look at LTS Color247 Technology.  Color Video in near darkness.


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