SafeVisitor Solutions- Visitor Management System

SafeVisitor is the first visitor management system built by professionals with decades of law enforcement, security, intelligence and military experience that integrates comprehensive background screening solutions from a global background screening firm to successfully screen all types of visitors to an organization.  The system is well suited for either a School Campus or a Business Campus.

Visitor Management System

Visitor Management is the first step in Securing your organization.  Our simple to use SafeVisitor Kiosk takes under 15 seconds to scan a drivers license, process, and badge a visitor. For a campus environment you know who is on your site and where they checked in.

Volunteer & Vendor Management

SafeVisitor has optional modules for you to build and create a more comprehensive background check for people that are more involved with your organization.
Volunteers who may interact with your students, or Vendors who repeatedly visit your site.

Create Custom Exclusion List

SafeVisitor cannot screen against Parental Custody or Restraining Orders issued at the County or Municipal levels, but the system will allow your to build a list of problematic individuals.  Do you have people that are not allowed on your property?

Emergency Notifications

SafeVisitor can notify your security team if any visitor fails a background check, or of any emergency or excluded entry individuals.  Building Groups can be created to alert staff that their building is affected.


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