Business Technology Solutions

We provide infrastructure wiring/fiber as the backbone and then light it up with technology !! Our product offering is diverse and evolving.  We offer both Premise Based and Cloud Based solutions dependent upon the customer business needs and requirements.  Let's work together to surpass your goals.

Structured Cabling

The backbone of all connectivity starts with the Copper Wiring or Fiber Optic connections.  We manage your cable project and coordinate with constrution managers, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Smart Switching

Network Switches bring to life all of the data wiring and connect your Business devices.
The Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed switches allow you to actively monitor user activity and increase productivity. 

Wireless Mobility

We recently completed a medical practice where staff are completely untethered from their desks.  Everyone had a notebook wirelessly conducting business.

Door Access Control

Pharma - Banks - Manufacturers can control access to secure areas.  Our cloud based system is great for campus environments with many buildings or many branch sites.

Security Cameras

Network based cameras allow for remote viewing from any adminstrative workstation or device.  High Definition 4K Video recording and play back when you need it. 

Voice Communications

Administrative Phones, Door Call Boxes, and Bring-Your-Own-Device such as your i-Phones.  Seamless Communications in the office or telecommuting.  We have both On-Premise and Cloud based solutions.


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